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      I just remembered a trick i have used with jeans that just get
      smaller and smaller as you get bigger and bigger during pregnancy!
      If you have jeans that have a button and zipper you can take a thick
      elastic ponytail holder and loop it through the button hole and then
      stretch both “loops” around the button. Of course you have to wear a
      long enough shirt to cover this. I bought some plus sized t-shirts
      whenever they went on sale at Walmart or K-mart and then wore them
      under my usual button style blouses (unbuttoned) and buttoned just
      one of the high buttons.

      I always got comments on how cute it
      looked. Another idea is to shop at consignment shops. Usually the
      used children’s clothes stores also sell maternity clothes and baby

      Good luck!

      — In, Rachel Lenn Nix
      > Thank you everyone for the haircutting advice!!!!! They were all
      helpful. I intend to especially find a haircutting kit with a video.
      I know it will pay off!

      i encourage everyone else that has not
      already, to do this, too!
      > so, thank you again for the advice on hair and maternity clothes.
      my husband is not much bigger than me and there are no maternity
      clothes here, & i am just not finding anything online, so i’m gonna
      go men- clothes shopping and eventually go shopping out of town on
      our way home for thanksgiving –because there seriously is nothing
      here so far!

      i pray to find some soon, because i’m getting bigger by
      the day!
      > god bless you all
      > *rachelennix*
      > ps the fun & frugal dishes have been great to read! lol keep em
      comin! haha
      > shalom,
      > ~*_*~rachel nix~*_*~
      > the new yahoo!

      shopping – with improved product search
      > [non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List HAIR TIPS & MATERNITY CLOTHES