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      How many of you cut your own hair, or your family’s hair?
      Maybe this is too much but…..
      I think unless it is for a special occasion or perhaps for an accident, I think
      it is not the best choice to go and get your hair cut from a barber. It isn’t
      that hard and i think we should all atleast know how to trim and give a basic
      cut! I know it’s not THAT much,… but think of the total from the hairdresser
      money we would have extra if we would do it ourselves. SO I AM ASKING, does
      anyone have any experience or know how to cut hair, or anything? My husband
      said he would let me cut his hair… and I’ve cut gurls hair before….. but I
      am looking for any pointers before I begin…
      **bonus: esp. on how to cut your own hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Don’t get me wrong, i have family in the hair biz.. and i love going to the
      beauty shop, i just think that for a cut, i would like to save that money…..

      Thanks & God bless!


      ~*_*~Rachel Nix~*_*~


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