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      Hi Rachel-
      I have 5 sons and a daughter and a husband. We do all of our own
      hair cutting (even my own!) It is something that both comes
      naturally and takes practice. I cut my children’s hair and my
      husband cuts his own and I fix it up when he is finished, ha ha! The
      most important lesson that I’ve learned is that everyone’s hair grows
      differently and is a different texture. There are some tricks for
      trimming bangs like twisting them in the center and snipping them. I
      have done this when my daughter had bangs and it does work but I
      prefer the “eyeball method”. It is also better to trim a little at a
      time. You can always cut more off but you can’t put it back! I have
      layered my own hair by bringing it up in a ponytail and cutting it.
      I haven’t always been happy with the results though 😉 Another trick
      for little boys hair is a “bowl cut” is using tape that doesn’t
      pull. Put tape around the child’s head and cut with scissors around
      the edge of the tape. then use the clippers to cut the bottom half
      of his hair shorter. I usually bring the clippers up and out toward
      me when I cut my son’s hair this way. It blends better since he has
      thick hair.

      Good Luck!

      — In, Rachel Lenn Nix
      > How many of you cut your own hair, or your family’s hair?<

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