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      I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas for conditioner/
      detangler for kids? Both my girls have very long hair and no matter
      what I try, their hair is always so difficult to put a brush/comb
      thru. They are always screaming and carrying on!

      Let me tell you what
      I’ve tried: Loreal kids grape conditioner, spray detangler(cheap
      brand and expensive brand), Sauve conditioner, Lost Cow conditioner/
      detangler, brushing their hair in the shower after the conditioner is
      in their hair. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they have been in
      the pool or not, I try to brush their hair and they get these
      riduculous knots!! I would like not to spend an arm and a leg, but
      at this point, I will try anything(because I am about to shave their
      heads!!!!!!!) Are there some brushes better than others too for fine,
      straight hair?
      Jennifer Huff

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      anyone have a method of making a spray detangler?

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      I apologize for bumping this ancient thread…but I have some observations in this field…maybe it will help someone in the future…
      We used to love alchemy but a year or two ago started getting rashes from it. I contacted them and they said they had changed their ingredients slightly. Now we use a variety of the following, depending on where I am buying from, whnen I place an order etc
      – shampoo bar from Handmade naturals in Brisbane (it lasts forever and is only 4.50) We also used their own shampoo too.
      – Natural Instinct shampoo it is $20 for an enormous pump pack – I think it is a lot bigger than the alchemy ones
      – Natural Oil Workers Organic Vitamin E – 7.00 for 500ml.

      It has a lovely coconut smell.
      – suikin which is a bit more exy ($9 for 250ml) but often has a bonus offer where you get another product free
      – Auroma which is the cheapest of all. I add my won essential oil because it has no smell at all.

      We have also had success with a hemp one but I can’t remember what it is called. IT does have a strong orange essential oil in it though which I found a bit much.

      We have tried miessence shampoo but it isn’t my favourite, although we love their deodrant and toothpaste.

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      My daughter has long hair also and I take Pantene for her. So could recommend)

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