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      Re: Hair conditioner/detangler for kids

      My youngest daughter was a whole new experiance for me. Me and my
      older daughter both have straight thick hair. She, on the other
      hand, got curly thick hair, right from the get go.

      What I finally found that worked the absolute best was to saturate
      her hair with good conditioner, not kid conditioner. I would use the
      stuff from hair dye boxes, the stuff for extra conditioning, or
      stuff like pantene on her head, and let it sit for a good 10 minutes.

      Once it sat on her head, I’d work it into all the little tangles
      with my fingers and take a wide toothed strong comb and start slowly
      combing the hair out, starting at the bottom. Once the bottom inch
      was tangle free, I’d move up an inch and repeat.

      I found that if I combed it out while the conditioner was still on
      her head, and she was occupied with playing in the tub, it went much
      faster, and allowed for smooth brushing for the day outside the tub.

      I have tried so many detanglers, including homemade, and nothing
      worked as good as just taking a comb and working it out, knot by
      knot, with the conditioner on her head, still.

      I love how the kids stuff smells, but on her head, it didn’t do
      anything to help get the tangles out. Out of frustration one day, I
      just grabbed a bottle that I’d been using from my hair dye kit, and
      it worked great, and left the hair silky smooth, too.

      — In, Jennifer Huff
      > I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas for conditioner/
      > detangler for kids? Both my girls have very long hair and no

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Hair conditioner/detangler for kids