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      Re: Hair conditioner/detangler for kids

      My curly daughter got a book for Christmas called “Curly Girl” and it
      suggests those with natural curls do not use shampoo. I thought this
      was crazy and would make her hair stink and leave conditioner buildup.
      The book says to apply conditioner and massage scalp with it to clean
      dirt off. I had to try this on myself for a month to make sure it did
      not leave a greasy smell or look.

      It made my hair stay almost tangle
      free even when I got out of bed, hair smelled just as good as with
      shampoo and conditioner, and my hair stopped breaking and looked 100%

      Now my curly daughter only uses conditioner, and I have her
      use shampoo about every other week, she is 9, young enough I do not
      want things to build up if she is not rinsing well.
      In the past I have tried cheap detanglers, leave in conditioners,
      defrizzers, I have went to salons for suggestions and used many
      different types of brushes.
      We braid hair before bed, do not use shampoo hardly ever, use Aussie
      conditioner, use Aussie defrizzer on really humid days, have a pick on
      hand for when needed, and use a paddle brush with plastic tipped

      There are also “curly hair brushes” that have very spaced out
      bristles, they worked well to lesson pulling but took alot longer to
      get the knots out.
      My 4 year old that has really thick straight hair still uses shampoo
      because she is young enough that she gets dirt and food in her hair
      sometimes. For her I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner.
      I have gone without shampoo for up to 1 month straight without any bad
      effects. I only really washed my hair because I love the feeling off
      all the suds.

      I miss that sometimes when I take a bath or shower to

      Jennifer Huff

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Hair conditioner/detangler for kids