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      Re: Hair conditioner/detangler for kids

      I’m a hairstylist with one 8 yr old daughter with hair past her behind still at home, my hair is also waist length. I’ve found that on my daughters hair, a fat paddle brush works great. I have also always bought a small bottle of Tea tree oil and after washing her hair, rubbed a small dab into my hands then worked it through her hair, you have to be very careful not to get too much because it will make it look oily, it only takes a DAB.

      It helps with tangles and it also helps prevent Head lice, because lice don’t like oil..Her school has been notorious for head lice, but knock on wood, none of my girls ever had them and they all had long hair. You can find the small bottles of Tea tree oil in the african american section of the beauty products. I swear by it.

      Also, another product that I’ve found that works well on my hair for tangles is Pantene leave in conditioner that you spray on, it works better than anything that I’ve tried as far as getting tangles out of wet hair goes.

      After raising 3 girls, I’ve learned that they * carry on * a lot more when I’m brushing their hair than when anyone else does it! It must be a mama thing!


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