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      Re: : Hair conditioner/detangler for kids

      I have no ideas for products to use. I just buy the cheapest. My daughter (10) has long, straight, fine hair. Mine is long, thick & wavy.

      Some things that have helped my ds:

      As others have said, start with a wide tooth comb, coming the ends first, then working up an inch or 2 at a time, then go to a finer comb. This is probably the one thing that has helped both of us the most. I start (& some days end) combing my hair with my fingers!
      Make sure you comb their hair before getting into the tub… it will be easier to comb out after it’s washed.

      Braids are a life saver!
      Comb & braid their hair before bed. There’s a reason you see ladies in westerns with braided hair at bedtime!
      Braid their hair for swimming, or going out to play, especially if they are going to be rambunctious (trampolines, playing tag, climbing trees, etc.). If braiding takes too much time, a pony tail is the next best thing.

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