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      Re:Hair conditioner/detangler for kids

      My daughters have long hair and are very tender-headed. My oldest uses Dove (it was on sale, she is going to have to switch to a store brand when she runs out) and she has no problems brushing her hair. For my 5 and 2 year olds, I take Pantene conditioner and put some in a spray bottle and add water to make an at home detangler.

      I also use the Pantene conditioner on their hair, I just make sure and put it only in the back and watch to make sure it doesn?t get in their eyes. I have also had good luck using the suave hair repair in a tube; I forget the exact name of it. I used it just as a conditioner for my 5 year old?s hair.

      A little goes a long ways so I felt like I got my money worth. I also gave up on combing their hair. Unless I used an expensive conditioner like the salon uses and a lot of it, there is no way I could get a comb through their hair.

      I know you are never supposed to comb wet hair, but I am really careful and go slow with the brush

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