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    I am still fairly new to this site. I am hoping someone might have an idea on what I am looking for . My hair is mostly gray.

    I do not like hair coloring you buy. Does anyone have any idea’s what natural type of coloring would work with gray hair? My natural color used to be light brown.

    This is a great site, am so glad I found it.

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    years ago i used henna.i bought it at a beauty supply store.it is an all natural hair colorant.i beleive it comes from egypt.it worked great,i used it to darken my hair.my hairdresser told me it was good for my hair.

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    I would love to hear about other’s use of henna, particularly for red heads. I’m a strawberry myself – although my natural color has darkened with age, as it does for so many, plus I have a bunch of grays. I tried going with the natural look but everyone says I look haggard, i.e., it’s just too dark for my freckled/pink complexion.

    I try to be as organic as possible – this is one area is problematic and I want more feedback before I try henna.

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    If you have a LUSH Cosmetics close by you can go in and talk with them about it!!! I used it on my daughter’s hair a few years ago and tried it on mine about 13 years ago and I loved it… I just decided I wasn’t going to be dying my hair until I had to!


    here is a good site~ Henna for Hair

    henna has quite a few shades **well, at lush it does! Henna Hair Dyes | lush **

    let us know how it goes!!!

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    Try coconut oil and lemon juice. It will not change the color of your greying hair but will definitely maintain the health of your scalp and retain the natural color of your hair.

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    My mom doesn’t know about it. Thanks MariaWickens! She is really finding a solution for her greying hair too.

    I’ll relay this post to her.

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    I know this thread is old, but I want to say that using henna is a good way to protect your hair while coloring. It helps to make hair strong, voluminous and healthy. Personally I have been dying my hair using henna for several years.

    For those people who are doubtful of its advantages and don’t know how to use it, I can recommend to check a review on Saba Botanical. i hope it will be useful for someone!

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    Ombre gives blonde hair with fabulous shine. You may try Brown And Blonde Ombre , strawberry blonde, light brown and even medium brown as a basic color. Ashy blonde or platinum ends refresh your locks and make them brighter.

    Alternatively you can opt for golden notes, especially if your skin is tanned and has a warm subtone. There are several types of Brown Ombre Short Hair at Amazon.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Hair Color Question