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      I’m glad you asked this question, because I am

      pondering it myself. This is what I know so far:

      – If you can work at the gym, you usually get a

      membership for free. Gyms that offer babysitting often

      hire people for short shifts, so maybe you could do a

      Saturday morning or something.

      – Some insurance plans reimburse for gym memberships.

      I don’t know if any pay the whole amount. Blue

      Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts reimburses $150 per


      – The ymca offers financial assistance. i was excited

      about this option, however there are limitations. my

      local branch of the y will only pay up to 50% of the

      cost of membership. One adult costs $40, so that would

      leave you paying $20/month if you qualified for the

      full financial aid.

      – If you have some type of business skill (marketing,

      websites, etc.), you could try bartering to get a free

      membership. I think this would only work with a small,

      local gym – not a big chain. I did this for awhile,

      but negotiated to get a free membership PLUS some pay.

      – Also, gyms usually discount their monthly prices

      depending on how long you commit to. There is a health

      club at the Regency hotel here, very fancy, pool etc.

      They offer 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month options. If you do

      just one month, it costs $75. If you commit to a full

      year, the price per month goes down to $31 (and

      obviously the other months fall in between those). Be

      VERY careful about their terms and conditions before

      signing a contract, though. Some gyms (like Bally’s)

      give you a very hard time about getting out of the

      contract for valid reasons, like medical problems.

      Finally, I know many people would view a gym

      membership as a luxury. However, you are to be

      commended for taking charge of your health – there’s

      nothing more important than that. So, if going to a

      gym is what will get and keep you healthy, it is a

      very sound investment. Good luck!


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Gym membership on a tight budget