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      A friend of mine was surprised by her foster Aussie having eight puppies. I want to help her with the day-to-day work she puts in to caring for the pups (who are now 8 weeks old) and she requested towels and blankets.

      Could anyone here recommend the best place or website for getting durable towels and blankets for very active and [innocently] destructive pups? :115:



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      We have a store here called Family Dollar and they have had 2 dollar towels. I would I think try the thrift stores. They may have something you could use. You might look at some place that is going out of business maybe some good discounts there.
      Good luck with those puppies, enjoy the puppy breath

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      Janice Terrell

      Thrift stores would probably be your best bet but garage sales might have what you’re looking for

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      Debian Linux Geek

      Dollar store would be your best bet. At 8 weeks you could start looking for homes for them. I would gladly take an Aussie puppie if you were closer.

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      Yes, get as many as you can find at the cheapest place you can find! We do this regularly for our area animal shelter. they don’t anything fancy but they do need a lot of them and they can be washed regularly! I was a very happy day when I was at an auction and got several bolts of thin fleece for $12! We were able to make over 200 blankets for the shelter!

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      Goodwill , Second Hand, Garage Sales, Yard Sales, neighbors, friends, they always have an extra blanket to donate. I do, but unless you want to drive to Wi to pick it up then I believe you should stick to suggestions. Good Luck

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Growing puppies + blankets & towels