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      Do you have a little space in your basement? It doesn’t take much. There is one particular type of fixture and light bulb (high pressure sodium)that you can get for 50 dollars for the fixture and roughly 30 dollars for the light-bulb. There are all kinds. Or you can make your own hanger from pvc and you can make a rather large one for around 150 that covers a little more space and is flourescent. Lights are pretty cheap on Ebay. After that you can use 5 gallon buckets for 5 dollars each from Walmart or you can get them from restaurants since they get pickles in them. If you learn to compost your kitchen scraps and buy some worms, you’ll always have good fertilizer on hand or you can use bunny potty if you know anyone with a rabbit. Flowers indoors are easier than veggies. I’ve seen them become quite large over the winter. If you invest in some nice looking containers you can plant them outside and then over-winter them indoors. But if you do that you need to remember to harden them off slowly to the outdoor conditions in the spring. Collecting seeds is something you will want to learn to do from annuals too.


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      I love planting flowers.. I love perinials but really love the annuals. Problem is….they only last a season. My husband is talking about getting a small greenhouse. Does anybody start flowers from seeds? One of my splurges is I love fresh cut flowers so if I grow enough from sees then I can have enough to enjoy all summer long and I can really fill my baskets and wine barrels.
      Is it harder or easier to grow flowers from seeds then vegetables? We have had good luck with veggies.
      Thanx Tressa

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