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      Hello gardeners :061:

      I recently saw a nice idea on an episode of “Gardeners world” on bbc, for people who don’t have their own garden or have polluted soil in their garden.

      – you can get official “growing bags”, but they tend to cost a lot. that’s why i buy big cheap bags of soil in a diy-shop (usually the home brand of the shop is cheapest and on offer in spring).

      this soil is normally used to put in pots.
      – loosen the compost in the bag by shaking and kneading it like a pillow.
      – shape the bag into a low hummock, making sure compost is evenly spread.
      – pierce the base of bag for drainage
      – cut the bag open in the length
      – make a little “planting row” along the length (one or more, depending on what size of plant you’re planting)
      – plant salad, parsley, carrots, ….

      anything that grows in rows and isn’t too big to grow in the bag
      – water well and label
      – just put the bag on your terrace or near the window and let the veggies grow! 🙂
      – when crops have finished, split the bag open and recycle the compost as a soil conditioner in the garden.

      this way you create a mini-garden in a bag :041: You can do several bags like this next to each other.
      Mind you, I’m not talking about the special bags to grow potatoes in (those are more rigid and you need to put your own soil in them), the ones I’m on about are just the ordinary bags with soil you normally use in your pots, so you can basically get them anywhere.

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      Very quick way in deed of getting those fresh veggies. You’ll have to post a few picture of your garden in a bag.

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      What a great idea for those in a pinch :0 Thanks for the post.

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      I will definately post pictures of my growing bag!
      At the moment there’s not much to see (the seeds are covered with soil so you can only see soil in a bag :037:) but I will definatly take a picture as soon as the seedlings start to raise their heads :tulip-icon:

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      This is a great idea to do. I would love to see the pictures when you have them. Just to get a better idea of how this works.

      Thanks for the post on this one 🙂

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      This is how it can look like:

      (but I haven’t cut mine like that, I have cut them along the seam on the side)

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      Very cool idea! Thanks! 🙂

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      I agree, I live in a lower level apartment (front window is normal garden, but the neighbor hood theives see this area). on the other side is river rock about 2ft all along the building, with nothing. What a way to hide the main part of the garden and cover up the ugly rock, while providing a little privacy for my windows.

      Think I am going to do this and just expland my little wildlife area with some wild flowers. I just put out bird houses & feeders this year and wanted a birdbath. how cool, i will forget i live in a concrete jungle.

      lol plus the few birds, bunnies, and the mysterious fox will enjoy it as well.

      who has time to think of these great ideas, for us city folks. plus no weeds.

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      Thanks for the picture–I really like this idea of planting in a bag, I like different experiences in gardening .. Certainly will have a few more types of lettuces this year, along with other types of items that I have never tried.

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      You can use plastic grocery bags or trash bags to do this as well–you will need to put the soil in them and make sure you poke holes in the bags for drainage, but it works just the same. Thanks; Virginia

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      how cool is that! I want to try that!

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