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      I am also single- and I used to live in Northern CA- where in CA are
      you? There are places called rainbow groc. outlet stores that sells
      over runs at a substantial discount. I know that there is 2 in
      Berkeley (huge) near spengers restaurant and there is one on Broadway
      in Oakland near 29th street ( near all the car dealerships) -it used
      to be a safeway.There is one in Santa Rosa/Ukiah area and I think
      that there is 1 in SF. You might try looking for that- last time i
      shopped there I bought small cans of tuna for 33 cents each. If you
      have friends in the area- you might consider a casserole swap- most
      things come too large for one- you are going to make 3 small
      casseroles a week- 1 for you and 2 to trade. It might keep you from
      being bored and eating out so much. Is the food out so much better or
      is it being the alone thing? I know I get dark and light Jennie o
      ground turkey meat for 69 cents a lb here in TN at Kroger- its over
      near the fish stix(frozen). This week I mixed 1 lb with a can of
      Rotel chilis with lime juice and cilantro and grilled them on my
      George foreman grill- with grilled onions and turkey bacon- cost of
      my better burger sandwich? About 50 cents a burger. I have a second
      roll for next week , and found a hot wings seasoning mix for 1.00 at
      Deals (dollar store)and i have enough seasoning for 2 more weeks – I
      don’t see why it would not make hot wing burgers-it is turkey-cheaper
      than eating out at Buffalo wings which runs about 10.00. i don’t use
      commercial french fries at home- I scrub a potato , leave skin on,
      spray cookie sheet with generic cooking oil spray, chop potato
      lengthwise into 8-10 pieces, spray oil on them , sprinkle with cajun
      seasoning (50cents)-less fat and cheaper-bake at 450 till brown and
      cooked through.
      Spices are quite often a big expense- Look for tones brand in small
      red and white boxes for 1.00 each unless you use a lot . Or try in
      your local ethnic market- spices are cheaper in Mexican and oriental
      markets. Oriental markets (chinatown) not only have meat, chicken ,
      fish, fruits and veggies cheaper but may introduce you to some new
      If you are eating out not to be alone- why not organize a cook in for
      you and your friends-everyone make 1 recipe and share on , say a day
      off at your house? Just a thought.

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