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      Hey all;

      Im trying to figure out this whole grocery bill thing. What I am
      trying to figure out is how to grocery shop!!!! LOL Im horrible at
      it. I try to do the “specials” but I always seem to spend so much!
      For example, yesterday I go to Safeway (here in CA) and buy the

      3 x .67 = $2.01 Pedigree Little Champion Dinners
      1 x 3.50 = $3.50 Snausages Dog Treats
      1 x 4.50 = $4.50 Marie Claire Magazine
      1 x 3.50 = $3.50 Motts Strawberry Harvest Apple Sauce 6 Pack
      4 x 4.19 = $16.76 Canned White Chicken Breast
      1 x 16.95 = $16.95 Tide

      And bamm, I spent like $47 bucks on nothing.

      My diet is somewhat regimented. I eat on the “Body for Life” plan
      which consists of 5 to 6 small meals per day. What i usually do is
      have breakfast of some kind. Then 3 times during the day I have a
      small serving of protein (usually the cans of white chicken) and some
      kind of small carb. Usually yoghurt or applesauce, etc. When I cook
      for myself (which is rare). I LOVE to eat dinner out. If I do cook, I
      tend to go the “prepared” food route. With maybe a frozen pizza. Or I
      will buy those frozen season veggie packs and I will add chicken or

      I tend to always have a lot of prepared foods in my freezer yet, or
      even lots of pasta mizes etc in my cabinet. But I dont really eat @
      home at night very often. I usually dine out which generally costs me
      somewhere between $5 – $12 bucks. So Im buying all this food
      intending to eat at home – but not.

      Someone mentioned I must be single! LOL And I am. 😉 Ive got this
      active, expensive lifestyle I really cant afford on my current
      income. Like the Direct TV thing. I think I watch 1 show a week.
      Gilmore Girls. Thats it. Unfortunetly for me I am locked into a one
      year contract. *sigh*

      I do like the idea of movie night. Or a “themed” night. Hawaii NIGHT!
      I can already see that one happening…..*eyes widen* LOL

      I usually buy my shoes @ Payless. But my clothes are from Abercrombie
      & Fitch (Very expensive…)

      Yes, my gasoline bill is very high. CA gas prices generally range
      from 1.69 and upwards. I rarely see it below $1.69 a gallon. I drive
      to and from work (round trip) about 30 miles. I also tend to visit my
      parents on the weekend which results in driving abother 30 miles. I
      could try to cut back on driving by walking when I go out to eat. Or
      things like that. *ponders*

      Oh yes, and about the credit cards & misc other bills. That is
      towards paying them off. I no longer have cc’s because I have FAR to
      much debt. They are all cut up. Let me say that again FAR TO MUCH. I
      am paying slightly above minimums. Also paying medical bills, etc.

      So, wow, I typed a lot again. So hopefully that kind of lets you know
      where my money goes. I know where it goes, its just a matter of
      really sticking to and following the budget…..

      Erin *learning, hopefully* 😀

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Grocery Shopping HELP! ;) & Continued Budget Info!!! LOL