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      > Im trying to figure out this whole grocery bill thing. What I am
      > trying to figure out is how to grocery shop!!!! LOL Im horrible at
      > it. I try to do the “specials” but I always seem to spend so much!


      First thing you need to fix is your attitude… you’re not horrible
      at it, you just probably never learned how to do price comparisons,
      make grocery lists, etc. There’s nothing wrong with it! I’m 34 and
      I’m *still* learning! =)

      Take it in baby steps and don’t try to solve your problems over
      night – you didn’t get in your situation that way, and it’s not going
      to be fixed that way. And while many of the budgeting/financial help
      sites will tell you the same basic information, you need to have it
      work for YOU or it won’t work at all. So try this for 1 week, that’s
      all… if it doesn’t work, or needs tweaking, try again on next
      week. For this week, starting today – keep track of what you eat,
      and maybe make notes of what you liked a lot and what you really
      don’t care for. Just do that every day (I don’t know if you’re doing
      a food diary or not) Now, I know in the Body For Life books there’s
      sample meal plans for the week. On Sunday/Saturday/whatever day is
      your ‘relax’ day, look at your ‘journal’ of what you’ve eaten. And
      then look at the meal plan. Is there something that you can stand to
      have 2 times a week, maybe for dinner one night and lunch a couple of
      days later? Is there a snack you really like and can plan to have for
      several days? Get out your calendar or just a piece of paper and
      make a list for each day of the next week and map out what you may
      want to eat for that week. [You’re probably thinking “I don’t know
      what I want to eat next Thursday” but it’ll get easier, trust me!] If
      you know that you have plans one night with friends, be sure to
      include that and not have a meal planned for yourself at home –
      that’s why the food goes bad because we fail to plan for those things.

      Now that you have a list and a plan, check what you already have on
      hand and then make your grocery list. One of the tough things is to
      stick to your list and not deviate! It takes control, but YOU CAN DO
      IT! I keep a magnent paper pad on my fridge and as I’m getting low
      on other supplies – paper towels, toothpaste, etc., I write in on the
      pad and use that for my grocery list.

      When you get home keep your weekly meal plan posted somewhere so you
      know roughly what you’re going to have each day. Again, keep a list
      of what you eat, and then come your planning day, you’ll have
      something to go from.

      I know you can do this – heck, if you have the commitment to stick to
      Body For Life, you have it in you to take control of your financial


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Grocery Shopping HELP! ;) & Continued Budget Info!!! LOL