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      S.H.A.R.E. is another program llike Angel Food Ministries. The only

      difficulty is that there is no one central website fo rall of the

      S.H.A.R.E. programs. The most comprehensive list that I’ve been able

      to find is found at the following website. You have to scroll down to

      the bottom.


      Laurie – homeschooling mom to 10 kiddos

      — In, “Nikki” wrote:


      > maybe you guys can help me — I get angel food to help GREATLY with

      my groceries — but for some variety –insted of random whatevers I am

      planning on using old angel food menues and great food for all menues

      for some fantastic (cheap) grocery ideas

      > but here is what I can’t remember — there is another food program

      that has “30 dollar boxes of food” I was also going to glean ideas from

      their menues — but ahhhh I can’t remember what their name is inorder

      to go to the website


      > if anyone knows what I’m talking about — Please help


      > nikki


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