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      I live in Iowa and they were giving out pamplets for some of the government programs.

      Here is the list

      Commodity Supplemental Food Program (csfp)—provides supplemental food and nutrition education for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, infamts children up to age 6 and the elderly. Available foods include canned fruits, and vegetables, hot and cold cereals, cheese, peanut butter and beans, pastas, canned and powedered milk, regular and soy formula and infant cereal. (cannot also be enrolled in the WIC program)

      Summer Food service program–this is basically just like the free breakfast and lunch program during the school year but provides breakfast and lunch during the summer. (Ours is down at the senior center)

      emergancy food assistance—I don’t know what this is but it says “emergency food assistance provides free meals and food at places like food pantries and soup kitchens.

      School food program—school meals

      food assistance program—food stamps–this is like angel food but you do volunteer work which can just be helping a neighbor or by babysitting for free. This one is actually in most states.

      wic–milk and formula

      Expanded Food and nutrution education program–this helps people who get food assistance learn to make nutritional meals while on a small budget

      I am sure that all states have the same or similiar programs.


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