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      for us it would probably be worth it we have a family of 8 with a 13 month old and my hubby is a milk drinker we gp through about a gallon a day and wic dropped these istead of five gallons you now get 4 1/2 I think. I’m gonna try it for a month and see if it helps if not I will jut go back to finding out where its the cheapest.

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      I was going to say the same thing. Last I checked the big box of store brand powdered milk was $12.00. I did the math and would maybe save $1 which wasn¢t worth it in my opinion. I usually had to mix it with reg milk to get the kids to drink it anyway. Milk right now has gone down a bit for us it is $3 a gallon. It was $3.50. I did like having it on hand for emergencies, for instance if I was down to half a gallon I could mix up ½ a gallon of pwd milk and get by another day without going to the store, but that¢s about it.



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      Mon Jun30,2008 9:26am (PDT)
      Where we are, powdered milk is WAY more expense that “real” milk. What are
      you using it for that might justify the higher cost? And yes, at our grocery
      store it’s on the baking isle too – sometimes tucked in with the pancake

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