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      In this part of the country powdered milk is cheaper than real milk. Real milk is 3.99 per gallon ( best price). Powdered milk is 14.50 for a box that makes 20 quarts ( in other words 5 gallons). That comes to 2.90 per gallon, a savings of 1.09 over real milk.
      Needless to say , we use it in all cooking/ baking, homemade yougurt, pudding, hot cocoa etc etc etc


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      Where we are, powdered milk is WAY more expense that “real” milk. What are you using it for that might justify the higher cost?

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 5:33 AM, J Diane Northcutt <> wrote:

      I have found powdered milk in every single grocery store that I go to. Walmart, Aldi, Food Lion, BiLo and Piggly Wiggly. It is usually in the baking isle, sometimes on the bottom shelf.

      Val Coulman

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