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      You’re doing fine. I do the same thing with leftovers, but my family doesn’t realize that its leftover meat. Also, I hide veggies in the dinner.I buybags of frozen mixed vegetables. Itake one cup of thawed veggies and heat it in a pot or pan with whatever salad dressng or seasonings that I have. Then, very carefully, I pour it in the food processor and puree the veggies. Lastly, I add it to the meat,potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. It looks colorful and when my family asks, “Whats that?”, I tell them that its just seasoning. They eat it without realizing that its veggies and its good for them. My husbands knows but not the kids. One day I’ll tell them.


      — On Tue, 8/19/08, Lucy Anderson wrote:

      From: Lucy Anderson
      Subject: : Grocery budget stretcher
      To: “budget101_”
      Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 9:01 PM

      OK.. This is coming from the girl who was spending $1000 a month to feed eight a few months ago. Tell me if I’m getting this at all right:

      Made taco meat for company on Sunday. ($1 ground beef I got awhile back because it was on it’s pull date and I took it home and froze it.) Cooked up 2 pounds with taco seasoning.

      Had some leftover, so I grated up potatoes, put the meat on top, can of corn and some cheese for a version of tater tot casserole. (It’s better with the salsa con queso cheese, and real tater tots, but didn’t have those.) We had four for dinner last night (some of the kids are away) and had about two servings of leftovers (maybe). I also made beet greens from beets I got at church Sunday (free).

      I took these leftovers today and mixed them with broccoli (99 cents a pound) and yellow squash (free from church on Sunday). Poured milk, eggs, Bisquick
      over top (99 cent box of Bisquick), and baked (topped with cheese). And I cooked up the beets from Sunday.

      So, three days out of 2 pounds of ground beef essentially. (Granted,there are only four of us home right now).

      Total cost for three dinners – maybe $5???? Family isn’t complaining yet…. (The husband generally will not eat leftovers, so these have been “cleverly disguised” I hope).

      Am I doing this right?

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