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      Charlotte posted, and several others asked in similar ways:

      > Can you please post to the group any menu samples, food costs ect.? I am
      > very interested in this also as I am sure many others are. I spend $400 a
      > month on food and household items, this includes a 7 year old, me, my
      > husband and a big dog.

      i know that there has to be a way to cut down. i
      > would love to have sample menus and such. i have to have something in front
      > of me to follow as i have no clue!

      lol thank you all for all the info, you
      > are great!
      > charlotte

      hi charlotte and all,

      on 7 May, I reposted on this subject from my perspective, giving
      recipes and an example of what I did for nearly two years until this
      month–$50 a month for food for my two youngest sons, now both
      teenagers, and me. It wasn’t easy, but I did it, and hopefully that
      will give each person seeking it, the encouragement.

      Look for message #6281, and you’ll find several posts in one in
      there. Also check the website, the archives on
      the list itself, and listen for the tips. You’ll find them everywhere

      I’m not reposting the message because there are several
      here who have seen this one several times. Besides, it’s a 20 kb
      message! lol

      Hope you’ll take time to hunt for it, and hope that helps.

      One of the moderators

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