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      One thing that I find helps is to come up with a meal plan or menu so that I
      know ahead of time what I plan to make for dinners. I don’t really meal plan
      lunches b/c they are usually just sandwiches and breakfast is usually cereal. I
      may try planning those a little more since I’ll be home all summer with my

      I can’t say I know exactly what I spend of groceries a month. I keep track of
      it off and on and it’s usually around $300. My sister who has only one small
      child spends over $500 a month and can’t understand how I manage on $300 so I
      plan on keeping track really good of what I spend and what we eat so that I can
      show her what I do.

      I’ll share that with you all too. One thing though that
      does affect her food budget is that they have more company than we do. Also,
      they have a boat and when they take friends out on their boat, it seems as
      though the friends expect dsis and her dh to supply all the food and drinks.

      sister says she’s putting an end to that this yr and will let her friends know
      this ahead of time.


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