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      > I think I’m in need of help hubby and I went shopping (it’s
      always more
      > dangerous when we’re together) and spent 389 for the
      week…although his
      > parents are here and we do have 5 kids, so it’s for 9 of us. I know
      I can still
      > spend a lot less…and will work on it. No aldi’s or anything of
      that sort near.
      > traci

      wow thats a lot of mouths to feed…i recently cut my budget down,
      and found that it wasnt that hard. I started omac..(once a month
      cooking). buying making and freezing meals ahead, that really helped
      a lot.

      Also I put it in my head–no premade purchases such as frozen
      pizza, hot pockets, perogies, french fries etc…I no longer buy
      prepackaged premade foods that i can make myself at home ahead of
      time and freeze for later. I purchase 50 lb. bags of potatoes, cut
      into fries, boil 2 min…then flash freeze and bag them up for later,
      I also used the potatoes for twice baked potatoes, perogies, etc…

      make my own pizza’s and hot pockets ahead and freeze them, everything
      is premade so the lazy members in the family…at least my family can
      just grab it from the freezer and put it in the microwave…o yea
      dont forget the cookies do you know how many cookies you can make for
      the price of a store bought pack….well i hope this helped a little.
      lots of luck, jodi

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