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      I posted earlier about spending quite a bit on groceries. But, it is more
      expensive when you have to follow special diets. We do use some fat free

      And as a general rule, they are much more expensive than their
      counterparts. Would love to able to use more cheese. But, what cheese we use
      is either
      low fat or fat free.

      Have tried some of the soy or rice cheeses, but we
      really don’t care too much for them. We were also told that most of the pasta
      use should be whole grain type. I have tried corn, and rice and whole wheat.
      We have also tried some of the whole grain flours, other than wheat on the

      But, they also are kind of expensive. But, I would rather spend the
      money and have my hubby healthy. We just try to watch it more on other things.

      One of the things we have started doing is using our library more. Letting
      some of our magazines subscriptions expire, and then check them out from the
      library if we want to read one of them. We also check out an occasional movie.

      The movies are free. There is a charge if they are late. But, think is the
      same as books, which is currently a dime a day.

      I also love to read and our
      library has an on-line service. You want to check out a certain book you e-mail

      their site and let them know what you want, and they notify you when it is
      ready and you just go pick it up. They will also mail your books to you if you
      are disabled. But, think there is quite a charge for that.

      I currently am
      checking out about five or six books a week. I just got a couple of cookbooks
      yesterday. One is a route 66 cookbook.

      And, the other is on comfort food.
      Going to see if I can tweak a couple and make them low fat.


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