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      Don’t know if my tips help but it works for us:

      We buy our meat in bulk 2 times year. It’s organic and comes pre-vacuumed sealed and goes right in the freezer (big upright). For a family of 4 (and I often have other family over for dinner) we spend $160 a month for that.

      I find it’s less wasteful (because I used to have meat go bad because I *forgot* to freeze it) and it tastes better (because it’s organic).

      We have milk delivered to our door once a week by a local dairy. It saves trips to the grocery store where you can impulse buy

      I use coupons like crazy. I have friends who use the to help them (I used to but found I didn’t need it myself). If you can stockpile it helps and then plan meals around what’s on sale.

      I do freezer cooking (buy lots of what’s on sale and then making a meal for it and popping it in the freezer). About 3-4 hours once a month to make 10-15 meals

      I buy a lot of whole grain and low fat items so they cost more as well as organic produce. I use a grocery that doubles coupons (King Soopers).

      Here’s my average monthly:
      milk: $15-$20 (depending on how much we drink)
      meat: $160
      groceries: $150 give or take here and there

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