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      I run a day care and I fix three meals per day and three snacks per day.
      There is three in my family, myself, dh, and ds age 12. My son alone has
      ADHD and eats 6 small meals every day. He only weighs 71 lbs.

      and I have 6
      day care kids. Our food bill is $250 – $325 per month. We buy a lot of store
      brands and also stick to the 4 Basic food groups strictly.

      My husband and I
      limit our pop to one per day. Our son drinks none. We serve lots of rice
      dishes, lots of potato dishes, lots of pasta casseroles.

      There are many ways
      to fix very inexpesive meals. Cheese is a meat alternative, along with eggs,
      our fruits and vegetables are what brings up our food bill. It can be done.
      There are many internet sites with many different frugal recipes.

      You just
      have to check them out. Tania

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