Groceries and Allowence

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      > I’m new to this group and am just going to jump in here. I’m all for
      > budgeting (that’s why I’m here), but how do you manage, mentally, with
      > getting an allowance from your husband? I mean no offense whatsoever.
      > just thinking this would make me feel like a child. I don’t contribute to
      > the home, financially, but certainly do in every other way.

      > Kathy, when I read “allowance” I mentally hear “budget allowance” which to
      me is different than a kids allowance for being good. I look at it like X
      dollars of the budget are allocated to groceries, spending etc. And I take
      the entire “allowance” on payday for the various categories, if that makes

      As far as not contributing to the household financially, I feel that in a
      roundabout way you do. By being home (with kids I assume?) your dh doesn’t
      have to worry about taking his turn staying home with sick or vacationing
      kids. He can focus on bringing home the paycheck totally. You are able to
      save money and stretch his check that much further – without your careful
      spending and choices, there would be that much less available cash you know?
      And, I hope no one who works outside the home takes this personally or
      offensively, but a lot of men whose wives stay home suddenly feel very proud
      of themselves for being able to support his family, particularly after
      living on two incomes. That is why wives should never feel like they don’t
      contribute financially or feel like they shouldn’t spend HIS check. You are
      totally integral to that financial family base.

      SAHMommy to Sophie 5yrs and Katie 2.5yrs

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