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      I take no offense to what you have said. I don’t even get an allowance, all
      that I get is what is allocated for the groceries and if there is a holiday
      or party I get so much for that and that is it. Most of the month I get $60
      a week for all of the groceries and that includes the milk bread and what
      not perishables and all of that is to feed the 4 of us for a week.

      One week
      out of the month I tend to not get anything since the whole paycheck goes to
      the rent, so total I get roughly $180 a month to feed the 4 of us and one
      week my daughter has to take store bought snacks to school for class. For
      holidays and parties I seem to be limited to $50, this is really easy when I
      only have to buy gifts for one of the kids but it can be a challenge when it
      is for both of them but it is partly my own fault that I get limited to this
      amount. To sort of explain this reason I will say that I put together both
      of the kids’ Easter baskets this year with only the $50 budget and they each
      got close to twice the amount of the pre-made baskets for $3.00 more than
      the cost of 2 pre-made baskets and my baskets included the new outfit.

      only thing that I didn’t have to buy was the grass since last year I had
      bought a big bag of it and still had it. My husband limits me to low amounts
      for spending because he has watched me shop and knows that I am very
      stubborn and will find a way to do what I have to with what I have. If I got
      more money than what I do get I would have even more junk to deal with in my
      home than what I already do, I just have a heck of a time getting extra
      money when I do need it and hubby makes enough that he could give it to me
      without complaining.


      < Wishing for our troops to come home soon. Peace and love be with them all. >

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