Groceries and allowance

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      This may not work for everyone though. The grocery store I go to has stuff
      like flour, oil, sugar, baking supplies, salt, spices, beans, and rice in
      the isles in the middle of the store. These items are usually cheep, or
      allow for cooking from scratch (usually cheeaper than mixes).

      The perimiter
      of my store does have the produce and dairy items, but also next to the eggs
      they have the very expensive over priced prepackaged bags of hashbrowns. So
      you do have to work within the limitations of your particular store,
      depending on their layout.

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      > One biggy for me was I Only shop on the perimeter of the store that was a
      > from someone! It worked great I have cut my bill from 400 a month to
      200-230 a
      > month and im a famly of 5, 3 children ages 7yrs-22 months
      > Tammy

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