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      Hi all,

      I have a question about grocery allowance. I have four children and a
      husband who eats lunch at home. We usually spend about $400 a month on
      groceries This includes diapers and pullups, although I’m working on
      switching to cloth, and also includes dogfood and other non-food items that
      we need (we shop at Walmart, so do everything in one stop).

      I use to think
      that I was doing pretty good, but hearing you guys talk about spending only
      a couple hundred a month with 2 and 3 children makes me wonder why I’m
      spending so much, and I’m not buying a lot of extras or much convenience
      food. Can some of you share tips on how you do it? I’ve read the article
      on the website, and do most of that, and we don’t eat much beef (my husband
      put a lot of deer in the freezer last hunting season), so I can’t figure why
      I spend so much.

      Any more tips?

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