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      No offense taken you were just asking a question. I actually brought it on
      myself somewhat. I was so bad at one point that it ended up putting my
      family living in motels and filing bankruptcy.

      My issue that I have with it
      is when I need the money from him and he won’t give it to me but we have it
      available. As for mentally dealing with it I don’t really notice it too much
      because I have other mental conditions that I take medication for. I don’t
      like it completely but when I deal with the budget he destroys it so I
      figure that if I just let him deal with the budget than at least if he
      messes it up he can’t yell at me for messing it up.

      We have it set that he
      deals with the budget and I deal with the house. I do complain about some of
      the changes that he wants to make but than I try to find a way to deal with
      it myself. The most current issue that I can give is that I babysit for a
      friend 1 day a week so I get roughly $40 a month to help my friend and her
      fiancee out with the baby.

      My husband decided that he was going to get rid
      of the cable and Internet service and wanted me to use free service or go to
      the library to get my mail but those really weren’t an option for me so i
      found an isp that gives unlimited service in our area for $15 a month that I
      will pay for.


      < Wishing for our troops to come home soon. Peace and love be with them all.
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      I’m new to this group and am just going to jump in here. I’m all for
      budgeting (that’s why I’m here), but how do you manage, mentally, with
      getting an allowance from your husband? I mean no offense whatsoever.

      just thinking this would make me feel like a child. I don’t contribute to
      the home, financially, but certainly do in every other way.

      Kathy from Atlanta

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