Grinding your own wheat?

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      If I had to guess, I’d say probably around 15-20 minutes, give or take

      a few. You don’t have to stand there with it, just listen for it to

      finish. On the video it shows her pouring in 1 cup. I pour in around 3

      or 4 cups at one time (start the machine before you add the wheat) and

      then just keep adding as needed. It also depends on how fine you grind

      it. For bread you’ll want it pretty fine, but not at the finest

      setting. You’ll also need to check your pan and not let it overfill,

      you may have to empty it a couple times during that 5 lbs. The flour

      will come out nice and warm too! That stone mill will grind it much

      faster than the newer ones with the steel blades. I like it so much

      better! The nice thing is, you can also grind your cornmeal just the

      way you like it and crack grains to add to your breads or to make hot

      cereals (like the 7-grain cereal that you cook from the natural foods

      stores). There’s an adjustment on the back of the motor for the

      stones. I would grind up about 5 lbs at a time and keep it in a

      Tupperware container in my fridge. I also bought a new cheap 1 1/2″

      paintbrush to clean the mill with, it’s really easy, you just brush

      the flour down anywhere it clings to the machine into the pan below. I

      would also open the stones all the way (for coarse grind) at the end

      after you empty out all of your flour and replace the pan and let it

      run a minute or 2 to chase out any bits left in the stones. It has a

      really powerful motor, but if the electricity goes out or you just

      really feel like a hands on experience, it has a hand-crack (make sure

      it comes with yours if you do buy one and want that).

      I had a dog that loved getting crumbs of that bread so much that she

      would run into the kitchen as soon as the mill started and sit and

      wait (for hours!) until it was done! It was so cute!

      I did notice several for sale on eBay, I just did a search for “Magic

      Mill” and they all popped up. Let me know if you have any more

      questions, I’d be happy to answer them!


      — In, “dash” wrote:


      > Thank you. It did work. It looks wonderful.

      How long does it

      take to grind like 5# of hard red wheat berries? dash



      > $200 (not including shipping). I remember I paid $175 for mine used

      > back in the 70’s from a Magic Mill store.



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