Grinding your own wheat?

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      Your very welcome!!! If you’d like to actually see that nice old

      wooden model Magic Mill in action, here’s a link to a YouTube video of

      someone who actually has one for sale on eBay, it’s exactly like the

      one I’ve got. It looks like they’ve been selling for around $150 to

      $200 (not including shipping). I remember I paid $175 for mine used

      back in the 70’s from a Magic Mill store.

      Hope the link works ok.

      Good luck!


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      > Thank you so very much for the wonderful post. I have a kitchen

      aide 600 professional model with the dough hook. I also use a bread

      machine too.


      > I have both the red hard wheat…and boy is it hard… and the

      regular one… I have been making my own bread for years but have been

      buying the whole wheat flour and driving 60 miles one way to get

      it…NOW I can go 20 miles and get the wheat berries…..I am so

      thrilled….. I am printing out your email, thanks again!!! dash



      > I have ground my own wheat for about 30 years, and there is nothing

      > like it!!! My first wheat grinder was a Magic Mill stone-grinder with

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