Grilled Tuscan Chicken Sandwiches

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      4 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
      1/2 cup zesty Italian dressing
      1 teaspoon salt
      1 teaspoon pepper
      2 Tablespoons olive oil
      1 red pepper cut in thin strips
      1 green pepper cut in thin strips
      1 1/2 cups fresh sliced mushrooms
      1 red onion cut in thin slices
      1 teaspoon minced garlic
      8 slices provolone cheese
      Mayonnaise to spread (optional)
      Italian dressing to drizzle
      8 sub buns or 2 loaves specialty bread

      Place chicken breasts in large Ziploc bag and cover with zesty italian dressing. Marinate in the refrigerator at least 4 hours turning the bag over occasionally to coat all of the chicken. Preheat gas/charcoal grill or a ridged grill pan to a medium-high heat. Remove the chicken from the bag and season with salt and pepper. Place chicken on grill and cook until meat is done (center 180 degrees), about 9-10 minutes per side. In a large skillet, on the stove or the side burner of grill, heat the olive oil and add the red and green peppers, mushrooms and onions. Saute about 6-7 minutes. Add the garlic during the last 2 minutes. When chicken is done remove to a plate and let rest for a few minutes. Cut the chicken into strips and arrange on the buns or bread. Top with the vegetables. Drizzle with a small amount of Italian dressing and top with cheese. Add mayo to the top of bread if desired. Wrap sandwiches in aluminum foil and set back on grill for about 2 minutes until bread is warm and cheese is melted. May add lettuce if desired. Place sandwiches on serving tray and skewer with party toothpicks. If using a loaf of bread, cut into equal pieces, add toothpicks and arrange on serving platter.

      Number of Servings: 6-8 sandwiches

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Grilled Tuscan Chicken Sandwiches