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      This macaroni is DELICIOUS. It’s amazing. here’s the recipe!

      Boil water, for noodles on the stove. 2 cups of farfalle bowtie, or penne, or even elbow noodles.


      in a seperate sauce pan heat up on medium low heat (keep an eye on it!) 8 oz of chopped blocks velveeta cheese and 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream.

      As the cheese mixture begins to melt, stirring constantly, you want there to be very little cheese clumps in it, leave it. For no more than five minutes. When you look, it should be thin, and brown on the bottom of the pan. Pour it into the bowl, without taking ANY brown gunk with it. JUST cheese and cream. Set in microwave until noodles are done. Cover noodles with cheese. AND DELCIOUS!

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