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      My name is Starlla. I love to cook, sew, craft, camp, read, hang out with the kids and hubby of 16 years, watch movies and a few shows on tv (there’s only a few that spark my interest), listen to music, and i like using facebook as my social media outlet. i do like online gaming; however, it seems lately the only only games i seem to have time to play has been on my phone or through facebook.

      i do like social networking through facebook in order to make new friends in order to have prayer support (for both myself and my friends), share recipes, play fb games, share funny memes, make real friends that will actually chat frequently and get to know me, keep up with family that lives out of state, and share pictures of my family. i also post pictures of original dishes i create on facebook – and share those recipes with those who message me and ask… if at some point you get to know me and decide you want me to add you to my facebook friends’ list, then just holler at me and give me a reason and i will add you.

      like i said, i have several reasons i add friends, and i do love new friends, but as long as they are active in what they said their purpose for being on my friends list was..i also have a google+ account, but i am currently only using that for playing some online games on my phone. i am currently only playing compulsive, dr reversi, sea battle, dr gomoke, and olo… but i don’t mind having more friend to play those games with if you happen to look me up to send a request. compulsive is probably the one i play the most, followed by dr reversi.

      i am excited to be here, with like-minded people who love to cook and craft, ect, but don’t like spending a fortune on it.

      the first question that comes to mind as i look at the site (and i may have more later on), is how do i upload a custom avatar? the text said if i picked one of the generic avatars, custom avatars would be canceled. i have a betty boop nurse one that i like to use on forums and i would love to use it here if possible.

      if i am able to use it here, please advise and let me know what the dimensions and format it has to be, along with how to upload it. – thank you very much!

      currently i am trying to build healthy meals (no, we have not given up on meat!). we are just watching portion control and the amount of unhealthy fat intake we are getting and trying to add more vegetables in order to get full, instead of the horrible amount of meat and starch we were eating… not saying we don’t still eat meat and starch..

      we do! this is a life style change, not a diet and we do not reprieve ourselves! if we started reprieving ourselves, we would fail at this.

      i have iddm and am trying (successfully) to reduce the amount of insulin i use daily. i have also lost weight since january: i have went to from a size 26 to a size 16 (from 265 lbs to 200lbs.. just hit 200lbs a few days ago!!).

      My husband has lost 20 pounds. My total cholesterol has went down from 207 to 152. I still have work to do on my health; I still want to lose another 30 pounds and I want to get that cholesterol under control, as well as that insulin usage.

      Along with my husband, Tony, I have three children: Lexi: 15 years old, with special needs, Jessica: almost 13 years old, and a son, Bernie, almost 10. They love to help cook and love it when I craft with them. they also have taken up the hobby of reading with me.

      We also have a dog that is half St. Bernard/ half lab and 3 cats. My 13 year old has a guinea pig and is asking for 2 parakeets for Christmas..she takes complete care of the guinea pig and has for the last 2 1/2 years, so I am having a hard time finding a reason to say no. My son has 2 fish tanks: a gold fish tank and a glow fish tank.

      He is wanting a second dog, one that is all his, for Christmas… this is going to be a harder decision…but needles to say, in a house of 1100 square feet for 5 people, it feels like a zoo! and we love it!

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      Hello nursestarlla, welcome aboard. I think you’ll really enjoy the site, there’s a ton of things to see here. :w3:

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Greetings / How to upload a custom avatar?