Green Tea Liquid Soap

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      Green Tea Liquid Soap

      1 cup liquid bubble bath base*
      1/4 cup distilled water
      4 to 6 drops cosmetic grade soap fragrance*, such as citrus, apple or verbena
      1 tea bag (green tea leaves)

      Combine base, water and fragrance in 1 quart glass measuring cup, mix well. Tear open tea bag and add leaves to mixture, stir to blend well.

      Using a small funnel, if necessary, pour mixture into clear bottles with tight fitting lids. Seal lids.

      Cover top of bottle with fabric, if desired. Attach gift tag to jar with raffia or ribbon. For a creative touch, wrap the bottle in a decorative hand towl or all natural washcloth or bath mitt before adding the tag and ribbon, or tie a small natural bath sponge or exfloiating loofah to the outside.

      * Supplies are available at national chain craft stores such as Michaels, and online from suppliers such as Welcome to Soapplace at Life of the Party

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