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      What do you mean by green bags? Do you mean the “cloth” bags instead of paper and plastic ones?! If so, they’re at our Super Wal-Mart right as you walk in the door.

      I have bought 5 of them and they’re awesome (only a dollar). But, for some reason, this one cashier didn’t want to bag my stuff in them. I was holding it open on the turn-style bagging thing so she could just put them in and she said that she was just going to hand my items to me.

      Ha, I just held the bag open for her. How is that different than using the plastic bags? She boggled me!

      Oh, some of them have the hook on them so they’ll stay open on the turn-style bagging thing. Only two of mine have the hook so keep an eye out.


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      From: Louise Davis
      Date: 6/30/2008 2:48:35 PM
      Subject: : green bags

      Someone on the list said they had bought green bags at Walmart. Have
      been to two of them and they don’t know about them. What department
      were they in, do you remember?

      Thanks. Lulu

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