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      I usually don’t bother with reusable shopping bags at WalMart. I do

      need a certain amount of plastic bags of that type, if nothing else I

      use them to bring home my dirty undies from work. I work in a

      graphite factory and I do get dirty. We have showers so we can clean

      up after work, and our uniforms go to a laundry service. Anyway, I

      do need some bags coming in.

      The cloth bags, I use them when I go to yard sales, the mall (big bag

      to put smaller bags in), the used book store, the farmers market. I

      take a plastic basket with me when I go to the Mennonite produce stand, too.

      We used to have a store called Save A Lot. I bought a number of

      tote bags for a quarter at the local resale shop so I’d have them for

      shopping at Save A Lot. They charge extra for bags for there, but

      people could reuse their bags or use boxes the store placed in

      front. It was package/bag your own after check-out.

      Ann in Arkansas

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