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      I work at Walmart part-time, we bag all the items whether in plastic

      or the customer own cloth bags, I have had a few customers help me.

      The cashier must have been having some kind of bad day for or not very

      experience in being people friendly, for her to do this, and you are

      right, when this happens you ask for a manager. Our job as cashiers

      is to make sure the customer have a great shopping experience.

      Walmart was giving away green cloth bags, when the green day started,

      but they sell the black cloth bags where I work at, and they are

      wonderful, for only $1.00.

      — In, “Cassie” wrote:


      > I had a cashier at WalMArt try that with me. I have always used

      > cloth tote bags for groceries as to try and do my part to save the

      > erath. The cashier said she would hand my items to me. I asked if

      > I would get a discount for bagging things myself? I then made her

      > bag them for me…IN my bags.


      > Next time they do this, have a manager come over and in front of the

      > cashier, ask the manager “Why do you sell these bags if your

      > cashiers won’t use them?”


      > As for the Green bags (for produce), I bought 20 for $10.00 at

      > Walgreens. It was my rebate money so basically they were free.


      > Cassie

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