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      Some of you have probably heard that my husband has been interviewing

      over the past several months with a company called TechSmith, which is

      over an hour away from us.

      Well, today we got the official news- he has been hired. It’s a 2.5K/yr

      increase in pay, with excellent benefits (including some sort of profit

      sharing thing), and overall, much less stress without the horrible co-

      workers he has now.

      It does mean we will be relocating to a city neither of us has ever

      lived in, which is an hour and 15 minutes from where his family is, and

      about 45 minutes from mine (closer to mine than we are now, which I

      like, and much further from his, which i love). we do knowa few people

      in that city, though, which is nice.

      omg, i’m bouncing off the walls. the people in good will thought i was

      nuts, cause he called me with the news there, and i was squealing up a

      storm. 😉

      we actually won’t be moving until summer, because of our lease and

      because i don’t want to uproot the kids in the middle of the school


      bounce! oh wow. we have been hearing for a week now that the job is

      his, but not with official news, or an official offer. the main bosses

      didn’t meet over the topic until yesterday evening, though, which is

      why we had no official news.

      he’s going to be a help desk support person for the software techsmith

      designs and sells (mostly graphics interface type stuff, i think, which

      i’ll get to use for free, yay!).

      omg.. just had to share!

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