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      1) Got copper pots? Are they tarnished and discolored? They showed

      putting ketchup on the pots for about 10-15 minutes and just wipe off.

      (I just about fell out of my chair! LOL)

      2)Scratched cd’s? Just reach for the jiff peanut butter (Creamy not

      crunchy)and rub over the scratch. Then take a coffee filter(doesn’t

      leave lint behind) and just wipe off peanut butter. You can also use

      chapstick the same way.

      3) Guncky vase? Drop in some denture tablets or alka-seltzer for 10-15


      4)Scuff marks on your floor? Just use toothpaste and brush your mark

      away, or use miracle whip, or take a tennis ball and cut an X in it,

      and put onto the end of a mop or broom, and use it to rub off the mark!!

      These tips are from the Fix It Magic book that they were promoting this

      morning. Hope this helps someone!


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