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      I’ve been thinking about purchasing a grain mill, lately we’ve been cooking with homemade oat and rice flours to lower the gluten content we’re ingesting and to eat healthier. This new found fad of mine is taking it’s toll on my poor blender, which has definitely seen better days. Then there’s the little issue of the Noise… dh likens it to marbles in a garbage disposal.

      So, I think I might like to get a grain mill, however, I’ve discovered they are relatively expensive, so before I rush out and buy one, I’d really like to hear some recommendations from someone that already has one/uses on regularly.

      1. What model/brand do you use?
      2. Is it quiet? Semi-Quiet?
      3. What types of grains do you grind in yours?
      4. Any tips for a newbie grain grinder?


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      did you ever get a grinder? I have been looking at getting one for about a year and have almost given up the idea since I really don’t know much about buying one. that and the cost is really high for me right now.

      I do know I can get whole grain really cheap at the tractor supply store that is only about 5 miles from home. 🙂

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      Junior wondermill is great. Wheat berries and coffee is all I have put through it yet but it is great so far.

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      I’ve been doing a lot of research on grain mills! My parents have a blendtec and so does my sister-in-law. they loves them.

      All wheat grinders are LOUD! The stone ground ones are 3-4 times the price, but it sounds like they are the sturdiest and maybe a little quieter, but takes a little longer to grind as well. They also are more able to give you coarse-ground grains, like for hot cereals.

      This is just from reading reviews for hours. The stone grinders like Rentek, and samap have lasted people 20 years, but Rentek cust service sounds horrible, and Samap is a French company, I’m not sure how hard it would be to work with them, but all users say it’s worth it. The stainless steel grinders, it seems like Blendtec, Wondermill/Whispermill, and Nutrimill are the top mills.

      Personally, I don’t like the design of the wondermills, there is a small plastic tube connecting the mill to the bin that catches the flour, I’ve read of clogs and breaks and don’t doubt their frequence. Both Nutrimil and Blendtec have complaints of flour and wheat berries spraying all over your kitchen, and even some black residue coming out with the flour. The black residue ones, I think are a defective machine, which I’ve seen reviews for on all the mills I looked at.

      The flour spraying everywhere I am pretty sure are due to not completely latching the top to the base, I’ve seen the Blendtec used and never saw flour poofing out unless you let the flour bin get too full. It seems to me that the blendtec and the nutrimill are comparable, though the Nutrimill is more popular and more expensive. This is just what I’ve gathered in my research.

      I do not really care about any supposed extra nutritional value of the stone-ground, they seem to be extra durable and reliable, which appeals to me, but not enough for the money they cost. also, the Kitchenaid attachment looks like a terrible idea. Almost every review I read said it overtaxed their mixer. Some completely broke, even the professional models, and the ones that didn’t break needed replacement parts as much as every 6 to 9 months.

      I didn’t think it’d be worth buying a new mixer for more than a stand alone grain mill costs. Also, a little tip, flour is messy, even when transferring from a bag to a container, so it makes sense there would be mess involved. And all mills are very loud!

      ***Grind and transfer four outside!*** So much easier on the ears and the clean up.

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      Barley Crusher W/ 15 Lb.-Capacity Hopper. I have read several articles on milling grain and for disability and long term sustainability(something I can use of the power was out) this is the one I chose.

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