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    A meat tray from a deli section of the grocery store (you can do it
    yourself). You can get a tray of sliced white and wheat bread and/or
    sliced buns or do it yourself. Meat tray-with ham, salami, turkey,
    swiss, American, cheddar and maybe a hot pepper cheese.

    I think the deli
    in grocery stores might sell you the empty party trays or a restaurant
    supply place (can’t think of any of the names). Potato salad, macaroni
    salad, baked beans, pasta salad you could buy in a 3-5 pound tub or at a
    deli in a grocery store. You could make sloppy joes and baked beans in a

    Do you have a Gordon’s (no membership) or Costco, BJ’s or
    Sam’s Club (need membership for these 3, or maybe you know someone that
    you can use theirs) nearby or a restaurant supply place that sells the
    food and party supplies. You can get trays of rigatoni or lasagna too.
    Frozen fruit salad is good too-sell in 3 pound bags I think. Bagged
    salad-3 lb.

    bags. You can check out Marc’s, Dollar General, and Family
    Dollar for plastic silverware, paper supplies too, cans of pop and maybe
    other things you need.

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    For our oldest daughter’s graduation party, we got fried chicken from Walmart’s deli and we made potato salad, baked beans, and also had chips, and veggies with dip…we got 100 pieces of chicken and it wasn’t very expensive at all…can’t remember exactly(it was almost 10 years ago)
    my sister in law made the cake and I made cookies also
    we put pretzels in small bowls on the tables
    beverages were lemonade, iced tea, water and coffee

    When ds graduated it was two weeks after my mom passed away and my mind was not in a good place(he didn’t want to have a party at all, but we insisted and my mom would have wanted him to have a party)
    so we just had ham sandwiches and chips at his party..cake and cookies for dessert
    again with the same beverages as dd’s party

    when the last one graduated we had a taco bar at her party(her request)
    seasoned ground beef, seasoned chicken
    soft shells, crunch shells
    chips and salsa
    refried beans
    cheese sauce
    same beverages and cake and cookies again

    I didn’t spend more than $200 for any of the parties…that was for food, paper products, and decorations

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation Graduation Food Ideas