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      I have found nice things at and also

      I was able to order dresses from both for special occasions and if they don't work you can just return to the store with packing slip.

      Jacqui C.

      On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 9:17 AM, pseuzanne <> wrote:

      I will be graduating from grad school in 3 weeks, and am just buried in
      schoolwork, so I have no time to go shopping for a dress. After years

      of taking care of children and being a student, there is nothing even
      remotely appropriate in my closet! I'm looking for suggestions of
      websites that would have stylish, but classy dresses (these pictures
      will be around for a long time!) that aren't too expensive. It's hard

      to find dresses to fit me, because I'm smaller on the top than the
      hips/belly. So, I'll probably need to order several, hope that one
      fits, and send back the rest. Free shipping would help.



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