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      I agree Chadwick’s is a good source of inexpensive clothing but in the

      past I have had mixed results with them.

      will you be wearing a cap & gown? If so, then what you wear on your

      body isn’t so important, since it will be covered up! Focus on some

      nice makeup, something natural looking.

      If you do need a dress, sounds like something like an A-line dress or

      other belly-hiding outfit would work.

      When I graduated from grad school, I wore the same dress I wore when I

      graduated as an undergraduate, a sleeveless 100% cotton tank dress.

      Hides any belly, went down to my ankles, didn’t overheat me in the cap/

      gown, and I can dress it up or down. 20 years after graduating from

      college I still wear it!!!

      Good luck!


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