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      Great news everyone!

      After spending another sleepless night worrying about this electric bill I
      woke up and called the electric company one more time (call #4). They
      pulled up my account and read the documentation of my prior calls and said
      “I see you have called before and we’ve already gone over this”. I told
      them that I know they stand by their bill but I had spoken to several people
      (you guys) who all agreed that this amount, without the use of A/C was
      excessive. I asked if it was an estimated bill and she said no and that the
      average bill for this residence is $220. I explained that I was aware of
      that but that I had spoken to the previous residents who admitted that they
      used the air conditioning constantly and did an excessive amount of laundry.
      We did none of that and we still had a higher bill than they did. I asked
      her if it was possible that they added some of the old owners usage onto my
      bill. She quieted down for a second and put me on hold. When she came back
      she said that I was absolutely right. They did not estimate my bill but
      they did estimated the prior months bill and undercharged the prior tenant.
      They then tacked the extra onto my first bill. I was sooooo relieved and
      soooo happy. Mind you, this resolution has come after 3 prior phone calls
      begging them to investigate this. She is sending me a new bill tomorrow
      which should be $100 less than my current. I have lost faith in them now so
      I won’t pop the cork until I get the bill but it is certainly a relief.

      Thank you so much everyone for running to my rescue with all your advice and
      wonderful tips. I was on a frugal high all day. You guys would have been so
      proud of me. I went to the grocery store and did very well. Even my
      favorite hot dogs were on sale and I got hot dog buns for .36 cents a pack.
      I bought enough to freeze.

      Thanks Again Everyone

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