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      Hey, to help cut down on the heavy costs of a large, beautiful Wedding cake…..why no rent one !!! Yep, a friend of mine rented a beautiful 3-Tier wedding cake for $200. She made her choice from their pre-made designs, paid a $200. deposit; they shipped the cake in a huge wooden crate; they set it up on the cake table; at the wedding, they fed each other a small piece of cake that they had inserted into a small box built into the back of the cake (they actually used a Twinkie cut in half.) Then, he cake gets moved back into the kitchen, where pieces of cake are cut for guests from a large sheet cake, decorated in the basic same colors as the “wedding cake”, and served to guests who are none the wiser. After the wedding day, the cake is crated back up and shipped back to the company, who returns your $200. deposit. If you want to keep the cake after the wedding, you just keep it and forfeit your $200. deposit. They give you that option at
      the time you order it. You also have the right to send them a picture of a custom design and they will make you one, also for the $200. deposit but with an additional cost of $150. added. You can then either send it back for them to use for other weddings, or keep it…thus your cost is $350.. It sounded funky to me until I saw the beautiful cake she was able to have without the expense…especially since she got her deposit back when she returned it. Just a thought !!!!!

      Kathy Anderson wrote: Helene,
      just finished reading your post regarding Wedding Plans Needed, and the part about asking the guests/friends/family to help pay for the cake and flowers with a small donation is absolutely marvelous !!!! That would be so perfect for a Second Marriage, or a couple who have been living together for awhile and really don’t need the toaster. blender, bath towels. etc/ They already have most everything they need to start a household….but donating towards the cake/flowers is a perfect way for them to still “give a gift” to the happy couple/
      Great idea !!!


      Helene Wagoner <> wrote:
      Great Ideas Lisa. My wedding too was done ourselves. It was beautiful and our only cost was clothing, dresses for bride, bridesmaid and flower girl on

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Good Morning! Wedding Plans needed!